Welcome to Living Above Clouds

It was January and I was flying from Nashville, Tennessee to Chicago, Illinois after attending a Worldwide Faith Conference that was held at the beautiful Opryland Hotel. I had spent five days of heaven and spiritual bliss on earth. As I sat on the airplane, I felt the warmth from the sunray beaming on me. I looked out the window of the airplane and noticed we were flying high above the clouds. When we left Nashville it was raining and the sky was dim with dark clouds above. But now, as far as I could see, there was an endless blanket of beautiful, thick, white, puffy, clouds. My inner-man (spirit) was quickened at the sight.  For quite some time I was captivated by the sight; the peacefulness, the serenity, and the freedom I felt. Then almost instinctively, I told my traveling companion, this is how life is suppose to be, living above the clouds, above negative circumstances.

“…thou shall be above only, and thou shall not be beneath…” Deuteronomy 28:13

I invite you to examine your life. What do you see? Do you see sunshine and blue skies or do you see darkness and black clouds? Does your life feel like a tropical breeze gliding along a soft, sunny, beach or does it feel like whirling, ravishing, winds thrusting a tsunami upon your shore? If your life feels like the latter; If you are stuck in any area of your life (personal, professional, spiritual) you can overcome. No matter how black the skies, no matter how strong the winds and no matter how dark and thick the clouds, there is a place where the sun always shines. That place is “Above the Clouds”.